The Sketchbook Project
A true story
illustration, storyboard
I tried to imagine how that constructions stay there ... I figured it out the beginnings and after 3 months I show you the true.
The inhabitants of Neworld lived happily, they took care of one another and they, above all, took care of their houses.
Those houses were much more than their homes. Those constructions provided the base for the alphabet that had been their communication during many generations.
Starting very young, families taught their alphabet and their tradition.
Only one thing worried the town: water. Many years had gone by with no rain and the old well was running out of water.
The well was next to the Yepes Forest. The leaves of those trees, along with sand and water produced the mix that was used to make their houses.
One day it began to rain. It was the happiest day of their lives until the light rain turned into a downpour.
Everyone in the town headed towards the forest, the tallest point in the area. Once they were safe, they thought about how the rain that they had wished for was now completely covering their homes.
An entire day passed until they could return to their town. Upon arriving they were surprised to see that their houses had resisted the storm and their strong walls now contained liters and liters of water.
After that day, the townspeople began to plan new constructions. With the houses converted into water tanks, they started to rebuild.
They worked day and night to reconstruct the town. The townspeople observed how their old homes stayed put on top of the new houses and they would serve as a container for stormwater.
The city of Neworld changed its name and we now know it as New York.